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Paragon by JediMasterEeth

Hi there! Star-Spangled & Patriotic Characters are one of my favorite types to develop! The Cape would look good if you went with the i...


MSG Nathaniel Hale Spaight - 001 by Spake759
MSG Nathaniel Hale Spaight - 001
An experiment with the tablet... learning how to do the dots thingie for shading...
SHIELD Agent and AP - 01b by Spake759
SHIELD Agent and AP - 01b
An experiment with drawing backgrounds... my Mutants & Masterminds character, the American Patriot and an old friend of his he calls 'Pee-Jay' who is a somewhat famous SHIELD agent.
SHIELD Agent and AP - 01 (WIP) by Spake759
SHIELD Agent and AP - 01 (WIP)
An experiment with drawing backgrounds... my Mutants & Masterminds character, the American Patriot and an old friend of his he calls 'Pee-Jay' who is a somewhat famous SHIELD agent.
American Patriot - Digital - 001a by Spake759
American Patriot - Digital - 001a
My Alter-ego & Mutants & Masterminds character, American Patriot (MSG Nathaniel Hale Spaight, US Army - Ret.)


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Richard A. Spake
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a Disabled American Veteran, who has been drawing since i was two years old... after a fatal accident (a long story where I died, and crawled back despite the injuries to my body, heart and mind) my artwork suffered greatly, but just as i pushed myself to walk again when the doctors said that the reattached legs wouldn't support such a thing... every step hurts. but no matter how badly you get hit, you always get back up.

"American Dream Art Studio: The House of Ideals"
As the header says, I really wish that I knew how to draw/design logos... not just for comicbook and character titles. But for creating the insignia of various organizations, both good and bad.

The Voice (real name and identity is unknown) is the head of TOTEM, SHEPHERD, DISCORD and HAVOC, and through middlemen and influence of DISCORD and HAVOC the Voice orchestrated the creation of RAGE and OGRE. TOTEM had inspired the creation of GORGON in Europe, and while these organizations share the same goals, they are bitter rivals... but not so bitter that they will sell the other out to the forces of Good nor work together to create the kind of chaos in the world that is needed for their ultimate goals to come to fruition.

TOTEM ("Total Order achieved Through the eventual Enslavement of the Masses")
TOTEM is the society that started it all back in the late-1800s and early-1900s, inspired by the ideals and goals of the Progressive movement in the United States. It was from TOTEM that the two major organizations SHEPHERD and GORGON were influenced and formed. TOTEM still exists into the present day, within the core leadership positions of the various organizations that it has influenced and spawned over the past century, and it is from among TOTEM that the mysterious "Voice" is selected to lead the entire movement.

The symbol of TOTEM is a turtle or tortoise. 

SHEPHERD ("Supreme Hierarchy for the Establishment of a Progressive Humanitarian and Enlightened Regulated Democracy")
SHEPHERD exists within the bureaucratic agencies of the United States Government at all levels, and each of its various tendrils operate as separate entities that are organized and coordinated by the mysterious "VOICE" whom is seen as the ultimate head of SHEPHERD. Each of it's components are compartmentalized, with the leadership of each compartment knowing that if they are compromised they are thus expected to take what ever methods to ensure that it is they whom would take the fall for the rest of the organization, and due to their dedication to the ideals of their movement... the actual scope of the entire organization has not yet been discovered by anyone outside of TOTEM.

I still haven't gotten an idea of what the symbol for SHEPHERD is.

DISCORD ("Directorate for the International Spread of Chaos, Opposition, Revolution and Defiance")
DISCORD came out of SHEPHERD, formed by SHEPHERD to sow chaos in the world by employing its less patient members who wanted to take power now, and not wait for the eventual success of their grand master plan. The initial leadership and membership of DISCORD was centered around a core of former GORGON members within SHEPHERD... feeling that they had learned all they can from the organization.

The Symbol of DISCORD is one of Eris' Golden Apples.

HAVOC ("Hegemony for Advancing Violence and Overwhelming Chaos")
As far as anyone has been able to piece together, HAVOC was created in the aftermath of the US-led Counter Terror Operations in Southwestern and Central Asia by the mysterious al-Rabb... "The Lord" or "The Master." What is known about al-Rabb, is that he is a powerfully built African-American male with horrible burns on the right-side of his face that has cost him the use of his right eye and ear... rumors abound that the expatriate American was a Clandestine Services Officer who was abandoned after the failure of the covert mission they had been assigned.
But the truth is that HAVOC was created by the manipulations of operatives from both DISCORD and GORGON who provided the upstart terror organization with its starting cash and resources under the guise of liberating former American and Russian black sites and re-purposing them for the use by HAVOC. The covert operation had been to carry out a highly classified raid on an illegal research laboratory that had been established by a "rogue" group of DISCORD and GORGON operatives... but instead, both DISCORD and GORGON had been moving in to bring this group of 'Rogue' operatives back into line and intercepted the team of covert operatives and terminated the majority of them with extreme prejudice. Only the team leader, Calvin 'Silent Cal' Lord survived the months of torture and sub-par medical care that left him scared both physically and mentally. DISCORD and GORGON leaders saw the advantages of creating yet another crypto-terrorist group dedicated to creating chaos in the world to increase the fear of the average citizen so that they would turn to their native countries for protection and call for an increase in the power and authority of the government.
They took the rogue organization and created HAVOC from its remains, and then took the broken Cal Lord and rebuilt him with advanced brainwashing and reconditioning that turned him into al-Rabb. A man driven to teach the world the follies of the current forms of government, and that there are no such things as heroes in the world...

Note: al-Rabb is in many ways very much like the initial  portrayal the Mandarin in "Iron Man 3"... and I have no idea of what their symbol is gonna be. They are headquartered in Central Asian Republics.

RAGE ("Revolution, Anarchy and Global Emancipation")
RAGE is an organization that was created by DISCORD to exploit the dissatisfaction of the masses with the bailouts of major financial institutions around the world as the debt bubble started to crumble. To this end, they promoted an upcoming member of their organization who was as charismatic as he was brilliant... whose charisma and brilliance was only surpassed by his sense of brutal efficiency while in combat. This operative became known as the Heretic, the voice of a generation who felt they would not be greater than those that preceded them thanks to the greed and corruption that plagued their parents generation! Heretic started out assembling the men and women that would become known as the Black Block, his very own inner circle who would help him run the operations of RAGE all across the Western World.
Heretic (<> '<>' <> aka "<> '<>' <>" aka "<>") is the field leader of RAGE, and his inner circle is known as "The Black Block" and is very much like the way Bane was portrayed in the movie "Dark Knight Rises." 
Dissident (<> '<>' <> aka "<> '<>' <>" aka "<>") and Fanatic (<> '<>' <> aka "<> '<>' <>" aka "<>") are the field lieutenants and most loyal of those who follow Heretic and believe in his methods. 

RAGE has a symbol that is inspired by Anarchists and Revolutionaries

OGRE ("Organization for Global Revolution & Enlightenment")
OGRE is an older terror organization that operated during the Bronze and Iron Age... there are current attempts at resurrecting the organization by TOTEM through the many different organizations it had inspired.

GORGON ("Global Oligarchy for the Regulated Governance of Occupied Nations")
GORGON is my version of HYDRA... that was born out of the ideas of TOTEM in the United States during the early-1900s, but had spread to Europe during the 1920s and influenced the creation of various European Far-Right groups that emphasized the increase in the power of the state over the individual. GORGON follows its inspiration with the creation of various organizations that carry out its operations independently so that if one such operations network is compromised, the entire Organization is not lost. After the Second World War, several of its leaders whom had been manipulating the National Socialists from within the Nazi Regime were recruited by the United States, it's allies and the Soviet Union and it's allies to fight the Cold War. Those GORGON Operatives that were recruited by the United States were recruited into SHEPHERD to assist in the advancement of their organizational goals. The GORGON Operatives who were recruited by the Soviet Union set about rebuilding their organization in the Soviet Bloc and its allies, spreading the ideals throughout the non-western world.

GORGON symbol is the stylized head of a Gorgon, with each of the heads of the various snakes that makes up its hair being of a different poisonous snake.

Note: GORGON has a front organization that uses the same name and logo to hide it's ultimate goals while advancing them at the same time...

GORGON ("Global Organization for Revolutionary Governance and the Opposition to Nationalism")
As far as the world knows, GORGON is an organization that was formed to advance the creation of a single unified global government and the dissolution of the nation states, and the death of nationalism since these things are the cause of all wars and strife in their opinion.

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