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Hi there! Star-Spangled & Patriotic Characters are one of my favorite types to develop! The Cape would look good if you went with the i...


To all of those whom follow me and my art posting here, i would like to say thank you. from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I've not posted here that often for a while, the reason for this was due to health reasons. The accident that killed and crippled me had a whole mess of injuries that went undetected for quite some time due to the fact that severe the kinds of traumatic brain injuries like that seen with those whom survived IED's that has caused damage to the brain has had similar effects on other organs. namely my thyroid (unfortunately, it's the kind that has caused me to gain weight which has my a double affect on my rebuilt legs and my back). the doctors and pharmacists were not happy that i took my thyroid meds at night before going to bed, and ordered me to shift taking them in the mornings when i first wake up.

Sadly, that had some severe side affects that really effected my body in negative ways. In the mid-1990s i went to college for the first time, and one of my teachers suffered from Parkinson's and noticed how badly my hands would shake at various times in a manner that had been similar to that he had suffered when he was my age and spoke to me about it. i shared this with my primary care physician at the VA about this and been on the look-out for any early symptoms in such that when my hands started to progressively shake worse and worse.

fortunately, it's not Parkinson's that was causing my hands to shake and pack on even more pounds. when i say my hands were shaking so badly i couldn't hold a pencil/pen to draw anything more than a quick gesture sketch. With all the trips to the doctor for various tests the only thing that they found was the early starting signs of rheumatoid arthritis (a family curse we knew i'd be inheriting) and have scheduled me to start seeing a specialist.

Anyway, the only thing we could find different was the change with when i took my thyroid meds. and the fact that my allergies to a wide array of meds that allergies are incredibly rare in the general population... like the way my body responds to Morphine, namely that the more buildup of the toxins will cause me to have severe pharmacological-induced psychotic breaks; or the allergies to over the counter pain meds that causes the soft tissues in my face, neck and upper chest that will cause me to suffocate.

By going back to taking my thyroid meds at night, my hands have finally stopped shaking... and my fumble fingers of dropping things all the damn time has finally gotten so rare it's back to where it had been before the shaking had started.

I've been drawing since i was two, and being able to draw and the manual dexterity in my fingers had been a key component of how i see myself... so i did what ever i could to hide just how bad my hands were shaking. so, now that my hands aren't shaking and i'm getting back control over my fingers with the help of one of those weird looking half-glove things to use while drawing has really helped a whole lot as well. i hope that now that i can draw again, i can 'relearn' the fine muscle control to get back to the levels i drew with before all this nightmare had gotten started.

In all honestly, it's the one positive thing that this June has brought me... the death of my brother at the start of the month was heart breaking and while we knew for nearly seven weeks that the problems he'd been having was thanks to pancreatic cancer and not the COPD or heart issues we had been fighting for nearly a decade. Having to deal the shaking hands was a lot easier than dealing with his loss, especially that now we have a cat that loved him so much that she sits by the door waiting for Jim to come home. and is constantly coming to us and getting us to go to the door with her and looking at us while trying to tell us to please go get him and bring him home
this is a message to reply to Gutsrager from the "No You Move" artwork by the closed-minded bigoited and closet fascist Hodges-Art 

Gutsrager: I know the left plays victim when they are really the violent oppressor for everything they haven't gotten and all the fake social injustice like Black Lives Matter and Universal Health Care after Obamacare has been so utterly disastrous to regular Americans and Millennials who learned its way cheaper to pay the fine then to enroll. I've seen more then enough of Fuck Trump, Fuck White People racist mass beat ups on a single white ignored by most of the liberal media while they pour on the lies that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a racist, one of the toughest ever on taking down the clan effectively in Alabama. Trump been called everything on here from a traitor, racist, Twitler, Islamaphob and a misogynist. I know he's flawed and damn most of those go way beyond the pale.

As for the violence the left merely sees it as their loyal duty in the face of a dictator. 

Problem is, that when the person in the position of power is a another Leftist in the political party they love, they refuse to see their bad actions. Or worse, they are willing blinded by their ideology who has no problem with the kind of Double-Speak and rewriting reality to fit into their world view while accusing their opponents of doing everything that the leftist statists have actually done (or in the process of actively doing). And that scares the hell out of me... because that's exactly the kind of person who has no problem eliminating anyone that they don't agree with or like. 
Hate is hate... 

Hodges Art is nothing if not the perfect example of what's wrong with today's society and culture as you can see from the blow. 

Reading your posts is just the rantings of someone who believes everything they read on InfoWars and Fox News. Seriously. You THINK you know Cap but it's obvious you don't. Just because you were a small kid doesn't make you a fucking kindred spirit to a character that fights for equality and the little guy. 
As seen by his right out of the gate assumption automatically that i watch Fox News, InfoWars or any other news source he finds to be "Fake News" is proof of what's wrong with the Left in today's broken society and culture. For the record i read news from all across the world and all across the political spectrum. Hell, I watch "The Hitler Youth" every frakking day to see what the bad-shit crazy kind of shit Cenk and Anita are saying now and to see if they are calling for the cleansing of those who supports political thought that they loathe again like they did when they were celebrating the violence in France and during the so-called "Arab Spring" when they first got their start.... 

"Cap wouldn't be supporting people like Black Lives Matter who are calling for cops to get killed."

BLM NEVER condoned the murder of Police. You're wrong... but reading your rants proves you haven't a clue.

Uh... yeah. that's proof that you will either ignore the hard evidence that you're shown or just don't give a shit what is real and what's your own closed-minded political narrative. 

"What do you we want?" - "DEAD COPS!" 
"When do we want it?" - "NOW!" 
"Fry them up like Bacon!" 

Youtube has an over abundance of some really good first hand videos of this shit actually happening. hell, i've actually seen those videos on BBC World and news feeds from Canada and Australia... but hey, i should just blindly take what Hodges-Art says is real instead of trusting my own eyes. 

"but he won the damn election. throwing temper tantrums, burning cities, killing people and breaking things aren't going to do anything but make those people who would fight the hardest to keep Trump honest and stop his overreaches to move into a position of PROTECTING HIM instead of keeping a wary eye on him. because this kind of behavior doesn't do anything but build a wall between yo and them."

FURTHER Proof you have no idea what you're talking about.

Uh, No... history has repeatedly proven this to be the fucking case when it happens EACH AND EVERY DAMN TIME this has happened. For fuck's sake go and look at Sargon of Akkad's many videos about having to defend Trump form the actions of the Anarcho-Morons devolving into all this into violence, and he stresses how much that it HURTS him to defend Trump whom he does not like or agree with on anything.

If Sargon is to radical right-wing for you, go watch the fucking Rubin Report. He's a Gay Liberal Man who's show is dedicated to looking at the facts without fucking blinders and he doesn't like Trump either, and he's saying that people like Hodges-Art are forcing him to defend Trump when he does something that's not offensive.

That's not peaceful protests moron. they are fucking riots that people are getting hurt, there property is getting destroyed and they are the real victims who are getting screwed RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT by their things destroyed in ways that there are no insurance that will cover and replace their losses. Do you really think someone who has suffered through that kind of thing is going to support the people who have harmed them so damn badly?  

That alone proves you're not just a moron, but someone who's bat-shit crazy on the levels that the moon-bats point to and laugh and say they are so fucking happy they aren't that damn bat-shit crazy. 

I also come from a family of Heroes. Police, Firefighters and soldiers. My Grandmother's entire family was wiped out by the Nazi's. POWs and men who died in action. So let's not act like I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

But yet, you are saying that I don't know what I'm talking about.... tell me, how does it feel when someone uses your own words and tactics back at you? I explain who i was, and why i was nothing like the narrative that you are using to describe those whom all evidence of statements and actions here that you obviously loathe, despite and would love to see eradicated from the face of the Earth. 

My family has served the United States before there was a United States. Hell, my ancestor was the Royal Secretary for the Colony of North Carolina, and his son had himself smuggled back to the Colonies after the Declaration of Independence and became the Chief of Staff of General Richard Caswell as part of George Washington's Continental Army. You might know his name since he signed the FUCKING CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. 

Since you are saying you come form a Family of Heroes i can guess you've not done anything on your own that shows courage and conviction of your ideals. I don't hold that against you... and despite the way you act i do respect you as a human being and are worthy of being listen to and treated as an equal. You don't have to treat me or anyone else like that. this is just me being the best human being I can be. 

And despite how vile you are, i still don't think being crippled for people like you to be the kind of person you want to be. 
"you're ensuring that Trump will get away with bad things by doing this kind of shit. :sighs: why bother. you don't give a damn because youve already shown here that anyone who doesn't automatically think like you or agrees with you every time is an evil nazi bastard."

AGAIN, you're clueless. Everything these PEACEFUL PROTESTS (the fires and looting have been linked to groups who support Trump and mix into peaceful protests to cause trouble) is to bring attention to what that Tangerine Shitgoblin is doing. You have ZERO clue about what this country is about. The right to protest. The right to question our Government when they're doing wrong. The right to FREE SPEECH.

Protests are Protests and Riots are Riots. And you are defending Violence. That proves beyond the doubt that you can't accept that these Rioters are just that, and will defend them anyway you can. That's the biggest evidence that you don't know shit about this country or Captain America for that matter. 

Do me a favor, take a fucking 6th grade civics course that wasn't taught before 1964 and stop reading and listening to Rightwing Bullshit and maybe you'll get a clue.

I have a PhD. Level of education in both Civics and History as recognized by the University of North Carolina thanks to being able to debate those topics against several of their professors and mopped the floor with them. Really want to know what pissed them off the most? Telling them the name of the first Slave Owner in the United States and caused the Law to stop recognizing the contracts of those who've entered into Indentured Servitude and transformed it into the Slavery that was so horrible here. 


OH and this IS my DV page, I can block anyone I damn well please.

yes you can. and with that prove how closed-minded and childish you really are when it comes to those whom you disagree and would love to see eliminated. 

Have fun cockbite, but you really should know that the way you are acting on here proves with such a mountain of evidence that you don't know anything about this nation. Or history. Or civics for that matter. 
Anyone else having problems with Accessing Deviant Art? Three times today I've had issues with opening Deviant Art by it saying that there was a problem with accessing the system... 


Spake759's Profile Picture
Richard A. Spake
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a Disabled American Veteran, who has been drawing since i was two years old... after a fatal accident (a long story where I died, and crawled back despite the injuries to my body, heart and mind) my artwork suffered greatly, but just as i pushed myself to walk again when the doctors said that the reattached legs wouldn't support such a thing... every step hurts. but no matter how badly you get hit, you always get back up.

"American Dream Art Studio: The House of Ideals"

Some people just want to watch as the World Burns…

After Reading this, please go watch Nolan's "The Dark Knight" (2008) and then watch "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)… Frighteningly, I have been noticing a lot of the things touched upon in these two movies being repeated in the world around us.

What the hell is wrong with the nation this election year? ALL off the major party candidates that have secured their parties tickets to run for President of the United States are all Progressives that the majority of people all around the world are actually publicly asking just what the fuck was the nation smoking during the primaries. For Fuck's Sake people, even the candidates who are on the FUCKING LIBERTARIAN ticket are complete PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DOUCHEBAGS that if you look into their records you will find are in reality nothing more than Progressive Liberal Democrats who are wearing Libertarian clothing and smoking a hell of a lot of weed. Don't believe me? Fine, go check this shit out... because Gary Johnson and his VP candidate are known for the both of them support INCREASING the FEDERAL Funding for Planned Parenthood, their records for taming their state's budgets was a paper shuffle where they increased debt within the numbers, banning guns and limiting religious freedom. Tell me, does any of that really sound like a good trade for getting legalized weed?

I think the only political party who aren't pissed about who's running on their Presidential Candidate Ticket this year is the Green Party, but then again... the Green Party is a far-left Progressive political party with an eye towards socialistic economies and using government authority to force all of the other people around them to do the things that THEY feel is for the best.

The scary thing about these Progressive Socialist and Collectivist idiots, is that the world has massive amounts of evidence that the policies that the Progressives want don't work. And if you take the time to step back and look at the 'Progression" of the problems we have today, you will quickly discover that nearly ALL of them were started by Progressives of whatever political party that they could get elected to. That's both Republican and Democratic tickets people.

I really hate telling you this, no i don't... but i had to find somewhat to absorb some of the shock that Richard Millhouse Nixon was a fucking Progressive Republican. He got more done for the Progressive Cause than any of the other leaders who've come from the Progressive Wing of the Republican Party. He took us off the Gold Standard (a long desired thing of the Progressives), he created the EPA and gave it the power to do pretty much anything they want and seize property that they feel should be out of Private Hands... that's just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. everything that we hate about Nixion and the Nixon Administration can be dropped right into the laps of the Progressive Movement.

The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party has been in charge of that party for well over a century now.

All the things we've got going to hell in a hand-basket here today can be traced to their actions and policies. And the scary thing is... they've gotten the victims created thanks to their policies believing that it's not the fault of "good meaning" democratic initiatives, but the evil Republicans who stood opposed to those policies because the evil Republicans stated the Progressive Liberal Democratic policies would turn people into victims.

Yeah, you read that right... the Republicans were evil because they said that a policy would hurt the people it was trying to help. Years of proof show that the Republicans were right, and that an entire social-strata of our people would become victims thanks to those policies... this makes the ones trying to protect the victims evil.

It's like the bastard who's beating his wife to death, and the wife starts attacking the cop who's trying to save her life.

No, that's exactly how it is.

The crap we're seeing right now with the War on Cops" pretty much sums all this crap up.

Chicago, Illinois has some of the toughest Gun Control Laws in the country, and Illinois itself has NO provision for allowing private American Citizens to LEGALLY carry a personal handgun… but the Progressive Liberal Democrats will say that there are no enough gun laws in Chicago to stop the horrible gun violence that has killed more people in one year than EVERY man, woman and child that has been killed in the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria for nearly a decade. This horrific black-on-black crime is horrible and tragic, and yet no one is talking about it until some Cop has to shoot some asshole thug to save their life or the lives of others.

Even with the bodycams and video showing that the Cop was in the clear for the use of deadly force to take a life so they won’t take other people’s lives… we get what happened in Fergusson, Baltimore, Dallas and what’s been happening this past weekend in Milwaukee. Black Lives Matter has been bankrolled by George Soros, a multi-billionaire who’s been known for crashing entire national economies to make an extra buck and laughing evilly as he did it.

Go look up what George Soros looks like. Go ahead, do a quick google image search, because this man looks more like the vile and evil Emperor (formerly the Supreme Chancellor) Sheev Palpatine… Darth Sidious himself even more than Pope Francis does. But you don’t see anyone making fun of Soros for that look… anyone who’s tried to get people to see just how vile and evil George Soros has been, they get attacked. BIG TIME.

George Soros has funded the Progressive movements all around the Globe. He sponsored the Progressive politicians who would push the laws he wanted that would create the issues we are dealing with RIGHT NOW years ago. That’s right boys and girls, this is the fucker who created all of this fucking cluster fucking mess just to make the world burn.


Go and take a look at the Fabian Socialists, and George Bernard Shaw and the videos of just what kind of scary shit that this bastard had said over on Youtube… the Fabian Socialists are the ones who set this shit up. They were the think-tank to that created the steering for the Progressive Movement. The same Progressive Movement that got its start as the An American Roots of FASCISM, NATIONAL SOCIALISM and STALINSIM. The German Socialists might have inspired the American thinkers who started the Progressive Movement here in the United States of America, but it took the American Progressives teaching Mussolini’s Italian Fascists, Franco’s Spanish Fascists, Hitler’s National Socialists and Stalin’s and his….er, Stalinists.

Margret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fame taught Hitler’s National Socialists a thing or two about the “RACE HORSE THEORY” and Eugenics… and that’s scary as fuck that Sanger and her Planned Parenthood are RESPECTED AND HONORED by the Modern Day Progressive Liberal Democrats. An organization that was originally created to wipe out African-Americans, other Minorities and Poor Lower-Class Whites. And in a world where 52% of African-American Pregnancies end in Abortion and the most dangerous place for an African-American baby to be is in their mother’s womb is something that terrifies the ever-loving shit out of me. 

So have fun Progressives. For the past hundred years you’ve been setting the world up for this… you created the tinder, and you’ve gotten the sparks going like crazy. But mark my words. When this fire you’ve planned for and worked so hard to start get’s started.

I promise you, it’ll be you and yours who will be the first to get swept-up in the flames as the World Burns… because the people you’ve victimized over the past century see YOU as a victimizer. And they’re already showing that YOU are the first ones that they’re gonna be looking for. So have fun, because I really don’t think that you’re going to actually enjoy this wenine roast. And in all honestly, you Progressive monsters really do deserve your place if honor in the centre stage as the appetizers.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn..." - Alfred Pennyworth, "The Dark Knight" (2008)


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